One of the finest new music ensembles in Australia, lauded for their virtuoso precision, innovative programming, and the ability to connect viscerally with their audiences.


Syzygy Creative Development Fund

Syzygy Ensemble is seeking funds to support creative development activities that will allow us to take time to deepen our artistic relationship with new collaborators and produce work that will feature in the 2020 season.

Over the last decade Syzygy has developed a strong track record of delivering powerful and innovative performances of new music that connect with audiences. We are now looking to build upon this body of work. With your help we can create a space for artistic experimentation and build our relationship with new collaborators. All funds will be used for the creation and presentation of new work that will feature in our 2020 performance season. To make a tax deductible and become a supporter of new music click the link below.



On Sunday August 18th Syzygy perform at the idyllic surrounds of Lowland Farm presented by Macedon Music



Syzygy Ensemble's debut album featuring premiere contemporary classical chamber music recordings by award winning Australian composers Gordon Kerry, Katy Abbott, Brett Dean Annie Hsieh and Brenton Broadstock.



Watch a selection of performances by Syzygy Ensemble live in concert

The ensemble was placed in a position of authority over the actors, whether as servant-carers in ‘Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot’ or as soldiers in ‘The Apology of Bony Anderson.’ Having now seen such a performance in the Salon, a room in which every twitch of a musician’s face is clearly visible to the audience, I cannot imagine a chamber opera any other way.
— Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations